Keravan Opisto coordinates and participates in several local and international projects for developing its activity and networks:

Local Projects

Cultures Meet

Keravan Opisto participates a multicultural project with financial assistance from the City of Kerava, and earlier the Ministry of Education and Culture. The purpose of the project is to develop, implement and coordinate multicultural activities in Kerava. The activities are meant for both immigrant and native Finnish inhabitants of Kerava. More information: Mari Raatikainen, Tel: 040 318 2471 

Kerava Hobby Path 2012–

Keravan Opisto participates the Keravan harrastepolku project coordinated by Kerava City and funded by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of the Uusimaa region. The aim of the project is to familiarise pupils to the leisure services of Kerava City.

Kerava Artist Education

Keravan Opisto participates in the ONNI Kerava taiteilijakoulutus project coordinated by the Kerava City. The project belongs to a national program that aims at developing teachers' professional skills.

"Grab the future" 2012

Keravan Opisto was granted a special financial assistance by the Ministry of Education and Culture for arranging courses for young immigrants in Kerava and neighboring municipalities.

Involve men! 2008-2010

The project was carried out with the financial aid granted by the Ministry for Education and Culture. The aim of the project was to increase courses for men. Since the project, the study programs have included a list of courses directed to men.

International Projects

Teaching and Learning for Life in Europe (Telle) 2015-2017

The project funded is by the Erasmus+ program of the EU. The project was approved and is being channelled through CIMO, The national agency for the EU’s education, training and youth programme Erasmus+. The purpose of the project is to develop adult educator's internationalization as well as general and professional competences. The international project activities include 5 transnational training events and 2 teaching visits. The project results include a blog-based International Course Idea Bank.

Active Citizens for Stronger Europe 2013-2015

Keravan Opisto participated actively the twin town network development project coordinated by the Leisure Services of Kerava City. The project belonged to the Europe for Citizens program and was funded by the EU. Keravan Opisto organized the final project event with trasnational crafts workshops in Kerava in May 2015.

LIME 2011–2013

Keravan Opisto coordinated Grundtvig Learning Partnership, LIME (Learning Town – Learning on Immigrant and Multicultural Education). The project included eight partner countries: Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Poland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Cyprus and Italy. The aim of the project was to exchange information, experiences and good practices on immigrant teaching and other multicultural activities in the informal adult education sector in Europe.

Finnish Way to Recycle Textiles 2013

CIMO (an organisation for international mobility and cooperation) granted Keravan Opisto the project aid for the international Grundtvig Workshop for the second time. The Handicraft Workshop will be held in 19/5-26/5/2013. The project was coordinated by Aune Soppela. 

Recycling textiles 2011

Keravan Opisto organized its first Grundtvig Workshop in May 2011 on recycling textiles. The project was coordinated by the Head Teacher for Crafts Aune Soppela.

LEMON 2009–2011

Keravan Opisto participated as a project partner in an international project, LEMON (Learning Communities of Modern Liberal Adult Education) financed by the Central Baltic INTERREC IV A 2007-2013 Programme. The aim of the project was to develop Finnish and Estonian adult education centers as well as local and international networks.

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