Term and study program

The school year is divided into autumn and spring term. Most courses last the whole term that is 12-14 weeks. In addition, we offer many short courses. The autumn term starts at the beginning of September and the spring term starts in January.

The study programs for each term are delivered twice a year to the households of Kerava. You can also pick up the study program at the office or the Kerava City Library or from Kultasepänkatu 7 /Asiointipiste. You can also find the study program at our website.

How to sign up for courses? 

The study programs include course descriptions with course fees and course codes. You can sign up for the courses with the course code at our website, office or the Sampola Asiointipiste

Signing up for a course is binding. This means that you are obliged to pay the course fee by the due date said in the bill. If you cancel your participation at least 10 days before the course, the course fee will be refunded.

Keravan Opisto may cancel a course with less than minimum number of participants about one week before the course is supposed to start. Opisto will inform participants about cancellations and any other changes in courses via text messages.


Keravan Opisto gives 15 € discount per course per term for given groups with a limited amount of financial assistance allocated by the Ministry of Education and Culture: unemployed, immigrants, pensioners with low income, students with low level of basic education or learning disability.

If you are allowed for discount sign up for the course normally and then come to the office and show a certificate or other document to prove your eligibility for the discount. 

Ideas for courses and feedback 

We warmly welcome course propositions and feedback on our activities. You can send your ideas and thoughts through feedback page palautelomake or directly to the office or the full-time teachers or planners.

Interested in teaching or lecturing?

Our courses are mainly taught in Finnish. However, we have a few courses in other languages, mainly English, Russian or Estonian. If you are interested in teaching in Finnish or another language, please contact Head Teacher or Planner responsible for the field of the topic that you are interested in.

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