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Address: Kultasepänkatu 7, 1st floor, 04250 Kerava

Office (turn right from the main entrance): sign up for and ask about courses.
Sampola City Services (turn left from the main entrance): sign up for and pay courses.

Postal address: Keravan Opisto, PL 123, 40201 Kerava (Finland)

Office tel: (09) 2949 2352

E-mail: keravanopisto(at)


Course Secretary Taia Pauri
Customer service and course administration
040 318 2564, taia.pauri(at)

Administration and Financial Secretary Sirpa Kiuru
Customer service and financial administration
040 318 2438, sirpa.kiuru(at)

School Caretaker Janne Heikkinen
Kerava Highschool and Adult Highschool Mon-Fri evenings from 3 pm
040 318 2215

Headmaster Mia Talikka
Mangement and development, social sciences, Kerava Academy

Debuty Headmaster, Arts Teacher MA Teija Leppänen
Arts: painting, ceramics, circus, music, photography, theatre, literature,
040 318 2437, teija.leppanen(at)

Head Teacher for Crafts MA Aune Soppela
Crafts, IT, cooking and nutrition
040 318 2850, aune.soppela(at)

Head Teacher for Languages MA Mari Heikkinen
All language courses
040 318 2876, mari.a.heikkinen(at)

Education Planner Sanna Laine
Sports and Dance Courses, First Aid, Development Projects
040 318 2877, sanna.laine(at)

Planner-Coordinator MPolSc Sanna Iranta
Social Sciences and Humanities, Health, Lectures, Special Courses, Kerava Academy, Open University studies, Development Projects
040 318 2471, sanna.iranta(at)

Weaving Instructor Kristiina Elomaa-Kallas
Weaving Courses at Kerava Handicrafts Station
040 318 4418, kristiina.elomaa-kallas(at)

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